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I'm Florence, a visual and ceramic artist based in East London, and the founder of Florence Mytum Ceramics


My Story

I studied Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art before completing an MA at the Slade School of Fine Art in 2018, and embarking on a career as a sculpture and installation artist. In 2020 I launched Florence Mytum Ceramics, and use my background as a sculptor to create bold, colourful and tactile ceramics.

My Work

My work celebrates colour, texture and form which I explore through a focus on materiality. Each piece is individually handmade from stoneware clay in my East London studio, and decorated with bold colours and tactile surfaces using bright, handcrafted glazes.


My pieces bridge the gap between decorative, sculptural and functional ceramics. By employing ergonomic form and saturated colour, my pieces aim to ignite the senses and bring joy to the viewer.


The handcrafted nature of my work means that each piece is totally unique. My ceramics are for those daring to defy a homogenised interior full of mass-produced products, and invest in quirky, distinctive and handcrafted pieces for their homes.

Get in Touch

Thanks for visiting my website and showing an interest in my work. If you have any questions or want to find out more, send me a message, sign up to my mailing list below, or follow me on Instagram.

On Instagram for regular updates and behind-the-scenes documentation of my making process

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